República de la Concha

Gregg Skloff
República de la Concha
RELEASE DATE 02/17/2017

1. One Human Family (World Unity Mother Fucker)
2. End Of The Road (feat. Highway 1)

Gregg Skloff: melodica + effects
recorded January 2017, Key West, Conch Republic


Once again I'm putting out a short run of tapes.

Here's how it works: you send me your tape (or zine, or jewelry, or edibles, or handcrafted gnome, or whatever seems like a good exchange; even a well-concealed $5 bill is acceptable) & I'll send you my tape.

If you'd like one, please get in touch with me (email: g [at] greggskloff [dot] com / twitter: @AndOtherness) & we'll make a deal.

Please contact me before sending me stuff, so I know to reserve a copy for you.

Full stream + name-your-price download will be available on the Bandcamp site as of the release date. But some of us still cherish the corporeal presence & evocative charm of a good old-fashioned home-cooked hand-crafted honey-baked acid-washed TAPE; hence, this endeavor.

Thanks as ever,
— Gregg


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